Hello Lovelies,

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! I just got done with my classes, and I have been running around finishing up assignments and my dissertation. It’s so weird to think that I am almost done with university, wherever did 3 years of college go?

Anyway, so March means a lot of fun things, but March also means Fashion Forward.

Can you spot Shoestova?

I remember last year when I went for my first ever show I was so shy when it came to dressing, and I told myself that I am going to be more creative and daring next year and I did. And I am so happy with all the positive feedback I have been getting from you guys on Instagram; it encourages me to start stepping outside my comfort zone all the more!

This look was pretty much a last minute thing, I had another outfit in mind for weeks but when I saw this top at Bershka I was instantly sold, and those sleeves really closed the deal, like seriously! And as you guys already know that I love my Dubai sales, so while surfing around the store I saw that in the corner of the store they had a small section with sale items and I saw this skirt on sale for 39 DHS! This whole outfit just came together in a day of random browsing haha

Apart from Embroidery Prints, my new favourite trend of the year has got to be Fishnet stockings! I have been seeing them around for a while now and looking for cheaper alternatives. Because honestly, who is going to spend 70 Dhs on stocking that I am surely going to rip in 4 wears (stockings and I don’t have a good history -.-). So, this is a secret, but of course, I’ll share it with you guys, I always buy my stockings from Daiso! Yup, not everything has to be a brand. They have so many prints, styles and even opacity variances that honestly is worth the 7 bucks you pay for them, plus it’s an added advantage that you don’t feel guilty when they tear by mistake in 4 wears 😉

Last year my favourite designer had to be Hussein Bazaza and this year he did it again. He’s known for telling a story through his collection and this year it was inspired by the story of an orphaned girl from Japan. His collection named AKANE (pronounced Ah-Kah-Nay) which means deep red or angry child was a mix of the most beautiful combinations of red, intricate prints and edgy designs. I was stunned by the show stopping dress because I have never seen something more beautiful in real life. It was absolutely magnificent.

Top & Skirt – Bershka (Here!)

Bag – Monsoon

Boots – H&M

Stockings – Daiso

So that’s it, Fashion Forward Season 9 was amazing as usual, and I wish I got to the attend other days, but hey at least I didn’t have to deal with the rain haha. Hope you guys liked this look and my photography debut, I tried to be creative 🙈


Thought of the day : If you want to be original, be ready to be copied – Coco Chanel


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