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So we are back with a new post, yay!! Today I am featuring this amazing skirt that I got for my birthday from All Things Mochi! This past week has been a bit funny; I thought when I finish with University I’d be able to jump the content creation waggon immediately…but I haven’t. It’s just that the past two months have been so stressful and tiring because of my finals that all I wanted to do was sleep and watch Korean shows! Haha don’t judge 🙆 But enough of a break, I can’t keep you guys hanging any longer, so it’s time to get back to work! Today I am finally taking out the time to talk about this look which has been a longggg time coming, sorry about that 🙈 I got this skirt for my birthday because honestly the minute I saw it I was sold. I often don’t buy super expensive things (cause remember I am on a student budget) except for birthday dresses! I was debating for quite a bit if I wanted to buy it but then I was like I am turning 21, let’s do this! YOLO 😂

So I picked this skirt from All Things Mochi which is honestly an embroidery paradise! I am a sucker for embroidery prints and tropical colours, so this store stole my heart immediately, I wanted to buy everything! I know it’s expensive, but it really is worth it, the quality is out of this world. The tassels and embroidery work make the skirt super heavy but so beautiful! The lady at the store told me to style it with a white shirt, and I was like that’s perfect and had to try it. To add to the whole “modern bohemian” look, I went with heavy silver accessories to match and no shoes, because sand.

I decided to do this shoot in the desert because even though my blog name is “Damsel in Desert” I never really got the chance to shoot in the desert. Timings or photographers, there was always something that would not work out. With sand in her hair, mouth and everywhere else, my amazing friend and photographer, Priya, managed to take the most amazing shots! Make sure to check her out and show some love <3

Say hi to my minions, who are the sweetest and drive me around for photo shoots ❤️

Skirt – Mochi (Here!)

Shirt – H&M

Necklace – Forever 21

Choker – Aldo

So that’s it for today guys, hope you like this look and stay tuned for more! Don’t forget to check out @allthingsmochi on Instagram for some amazing outfit ideas that I think would be perfect for your next vacation!


Thought of the day : Plant dreams, pull weeds and grow a happy life ✨


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