Hey loves,

Hope you had a great week. I finally got around to creating some content and doing some photoshoots last weekend that I am super excited to share with you all! I am so happy that it is finally getting a little cooler in Dubai, shooting in the heat is almost making me faint 😰

For today’s post, I am featuring this lovely look I shot while I was in Bahrain. I have this thing for midi skits and stripes, and both of them TOGETHER? You don’t even want me to get started. The funny thing is that my sister hates both, so she’s always giving me this weird look when I buy one (mostly cause she won’t be able to wear it haha)

What I love about blue stripes are that they are eternal, they go with everything, and you just can’t have enough! If you are a little skinny like me, midi skirts are your answer, because they cover most of your legs. Make sure that they are a bit loose and not fitted because that is just going to put more attention on your slim figure (and you obviously don’t want that). Trust me I get it; I have a million Indian aunties telling me I need to eat more even though I do, it’s just our crazy metabolism nobody understands 🙄!

I stole this crop top from Leah’s cupboard because it’s too pretty! I would never buy the outfits she buys, but then when I see her wear it, I want it. A true blogger in the making I tell you! Since I was really digging blue when I shot this look (as you can probably tell), I went for this simple blue heels from H&M to finish the look.

P.S this was a completely unplanned shoot; I took random clothes from mine and Leah’s wardrobe, Naz’s shoes and tada! Fashion doesn’t have rules you see; it’s kind of like food, you can put it together from scratch if you just pay attention to the ingredients.

Skirt – Zara

Top – Quiz Top

Heels – H&M

That’s it for today guys! I am off to a concert today so make sure you are following me on Instagram to catch my stories @damselindesert

Thought of the day : Go wild, for a while.

Until next time,


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