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Hope you are having a great Wednesday! Today I am sharing another look I shot in Ras Al Khaimah. I am thrilled with the amazing response the last post got – didn’t know that so many of you were curious about the place! If you are still wondering about the location – check out my last post HERE where I share all the details about this Instagram worthy hotel!So today’s look is very casual and laid back – something I would wear for date night or weekend brunch. Date night reminds me – Leo is always complaining that I don’t dress when I got out with him, but I only do if I have an event or a photoshoot 🙆 haha. Poor thing, I promise I am going to start making more of an effort for him too, maybe even do a series of date night outfits ?? 😏

This skirt I absolutely love! I got it from Asos before I travelled to Bali because it’s super multipurpose. You can wear it in the day with a shirt like so for doing touristy things or wear a white crop top with heels for a night out – pretty much what I did during my travel!

You might remember these red flip flops from my picks last month for Vincci. As I mentioned before, they are super casual and easy to just slip on and make it look like you made an effort! Love the bow and colour 😍

Skirt – Asos (Here!)

Shirt – American Eagle

Bag – Bali

Flats – Vincci

So that’s it for today’s post lovelies. These amazing photos were taken by my sister as always – @nazrrenegill follow her on Instagram if you aren’t already!!

Thought of the day : Grow through what you go through.

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