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Sorry for the delay in posting my final part of the Contiki Bali Island Hopper Review. I have been taking some time off of social media for the past few days because I needed to figure my job and life out (not that I have), but things are better now.

Anyway moving on, today I am going to be talking about the last two Islands – Lombok & Bali (which includes the Ubud day trip). If I had to choose, Gili would definitely be my favourite part of the trip, then Bali and lastly Lombok. I’ll explain why and how soon!


Lombok is a half an hour boat ride away from the Gili Islands (don’t worry it’s not that crazy fast boat like I mentioned in my last post). This is a lush and green island, which has active volcanoes, so the sand by the beach is black! The hotel you stay at here is the most beautiful of all the other hotels on this trip, it’s split into villas. As cool as the villas are, be careful and leave early if you are to meet the group at a given time cause some of the villas are quite far away.

On your first day here, you have a free day, meaning ME-TIME! Our tour manager arranged for the group to attend surfing lessons (or you can just borrow boards by the beach if you already know how to surf). Leo and I were worn out from our last few days in Gili and just wanted a break, so we decided to go to the in-hotel spa instead. I can’t remember well, but I believe it cost us around 300,000 rupiahs. Now there are cheaper spas outside, but they felt a bit shady, so we decided to pay a little extra which was definitely worth it! We didn’t want to leave the place after 🙆; they gave us some exotic herbal tea and the place just had this amazing clam and soothing aura to it. Honestly, it was just what we needed after cycling for 3 days non-stop! At night you head out for dinner with the whole gang for some great Indonesian food, this is the cutest little restaurant ever where you can write messages on the wall.

The next day you have the option of choosing the Tiu Kelep Waterfall Day trip. This is one of the excursions that I mentioned in part 1 for $40. Now the choice to take this trip completely relies on you, but Leo and I thought it wasn’t that great. I haven’t seen many waterfalls, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but Leo has, and he said it was nothing special. Lunch is included on this trip, and I barely ate cause it did not look appealing whatsoever (ended up buying chips later 🙈). But the trip was fun cause everyone was together and it was a 30-minute hike to the waterfall, so choose this if you are in for an adventure! Oh and the water is ICE COLD, so be prepared.

Tip: Apparently the trick is that you just have to dip yourself completely into the water once and you won’t feel cold after. Believe it or not, it actually works!

Contiki Family

Anyway, after the trip, you head back to the hotel and have a free night to hang out with the gang (food and shisha), go to the spa or just order room service cause why not?

Bali (+Ubud)

Next day you take that terrifying fast boat ride back to Bali!! It’s a full day journey and your last night on the trip, so most of us just relaxed after to go out at night. Your last night means you go crazy, I mean you have to right? We went to La Favela, and man was it fun. We kept losing each other (and we dont even have phones!), danced the night away and had tons of Bintang while we still could. Even though we had to get up super early the next morning for the Ubud day trip, most of us ending up going home super late 🍻

Next day is your last day, but it’s honestly the perfect way to end it. I wish we spent more time in Ubud than we did in Lombok, cause I feel like there wasn’t much to do there. The Ubud day trip is also an excursion which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you choose! In Ubud, you do all sorts of crazy things throughout the day. This is the only day when you have an actual tour guide throughout the day and its great cause they tell you a lot about Indonesia and its culture. From weddings to food to clothes, you can ask them anything you have been wondering about for the past week! Your first stop is the Goa Gajah Temple, which is also famously known as the Elephant cave. Make sure you capture some great shots here 😉

Tip: Outside the temple, there is a little market, if you are planning to buy souvenirs make sure you buy them here! Way cheaper than Gili or Bali and they have some great stuff.

After the temple you head to the rice plantation, to be honest, I don’t think we were on the best side of the plantation in terms of view. But at the end of the day, all of Ubud is beautiful so it doesn’t really matter. Next stop is the coffee plantation, and this place is just amazing. You get to try a huge variety of coffee and tea here including the famous Luwak coffee which is the most expensive coffee in the world. This is another great stop for souvenirs cause you get to buy loose tea, coffee, beauty products and spices.

After this you head for you last Indonesian lunch with you Contiki family, I have to admit a few tears were shed. We might have just known each other for 8 days, but it’s crazy how close you get to people when you spend so much time with them! Your next and FINAL stop of the trip is the Monkey Forest 🙈 Like I have mentioned earlier, I am scared of anything that is not human. So I was definitely not looking forward to this, but it’s crazy how chilled out the monkeys are here, they just want your bananas and nothing else!

A heart full of laughs, drinks and photos later, it’s finally time to say goodbye. I can’t believe that 8 days passed by so quick and I did so much with people I just MET. I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful trip it was, especially if you are travelling alone, you might be alone, but you’d never feel alone on a Contiki trip!

Honestly – #NoRegrets !

P.S – Don’t forget to check out PART 1 & PART 2 !

Thought of the day : Take that leap of faith, sometimes it’s worth it 🙏

Until next time,


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