Morning loves!

Sorry about the delay in the post, I have been way too busy the past week. A lot of it involves sitting in front of the computer; therefore, I just haven’t been able to get myself to write more, but no more excuses, and here you go! I promise great posts are on their way, and I have been working super hard on creating better content for you guys <3


So today’s post is on my collaboration with Olga from Sand in the City, what a beautiful soul and photographer. Her street style photography blog is all about showcasing how Dubai expresses itself through fashion, so you can obviously see why I was super excited when I got the chance to work with her! Also, Olga happens to be nominated by Cosmopolitan under the category of the “Ultimate Style Blogger”, so make sure you head on over and show her some love <3  – Olga Lobanova



So today’s look is about this beautiful dress (I stole from my sister) that is so versatile that I think you should definitely invest in one yourself. It can be worn as a long dress, all buttoned up, or as a jacket like I did or you can even button it half way and make it a long hem crop top! I love finding versatile pieces that can be recreated endless times; it gives you the chance to optimize your closet without having to make a huge hole in your pocket  😛


And who says you can’t wear black in the summer? I say, you can if you have white shorts and pink heels to go with it! Also, as you might have noticed, this is the first time I have gone all out with the jewellery, I usually keep it to a bare minimum, but I have decided to step outside my comfort zone and try new things for you guys!


Dress – Zara

Shorts – HnM

Jewelry & Purse – Forever 21

Heels– Spring

So that’s it for today guys, head on over to Olga’s blog for more details and pictures  <3 Thank for reading and be sure to follow me through email (option below) to be the first to know of the amazing stuff coming in later this week :*

Thought of the day : Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.

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