Hello loves,

Hope you had a great week! I had quite a shitty day today, so I am wearing a sheet mask and loading up a K drama to watch after. You know some days you just need to take a break, not talk to anyone after a long day and do your own thing – I am in that zone right now 🙄

Anyway back to today’s look! I am featuring this off the shoulder shirt today that bought on a whim with Leo! I mean it was on sale for just 25 Dhs – we truly have the best offers in Dubai. The off-the-shoulder trend feels like one of those trends that just won’t die. It comes back in a new style or form every season rather than running its course.

This off the shoulder shirt was rather unconventional and a tad bit uncomfortable, but I just loved how it looked that I was willing to make the sacrifice. I wore a white crop top inside with medium sized straps to give the shirt a little bit of an edge. I teamed it up with ripped jeans and comfortable everyday flats for a little bit of a light styling (cause I was going to be out shopping all day!)

Shirt – Pull & Bear

White Top – Forever 21

Flats – Boutique in Bahrain

Jeans – Ardene

Belt – H&M

What’s your favourite trend that just doesn’t seem to get old? Let me know in the comments below!

Thought of the day : She realised none of it was real and set herself free.

Until next time,