Good Morning!

This one’s for my aunt. I am blessed with the most encouraging and loving family; they have been so wonderful throughout this entire experience and this blog wouldn’t have been possible without them. I fell in love with this jacket but having been shopping all day, it was totally outside my budget. My aunt bought it and told me one thing, “Put it on the blog”. So here we are.

 Introducing: The Sleeveless Jacket


These have been around for a while now and I have been itching to get my hands on one. I can already see a future closet full of these! The classic cut of these jackets look super sophisticated, worn either casual or dressed up. When you want your cut-out jeans and sloppy t-shirts to look classy . . . add a jacket; A baggy dress needs a pick-me-up? Add a jacket. You get the idea.
Stores right from Zara to Mango are full of them at the moment, so I’m sure you’ll find the one that has your name written all over it. The one I am wearing is from Miss Selfridge, I chose this because solid color ones have been all over the place, and I felt the stripes make it edgier but formal at the same time. I dressed it up with my cut-out jeans, a simple black cami with lace trims, and oxfords. As for the jewelry, I wanted it super-super-simple yet sophisticated to complement the attire, and so I opted for a simple long necklace, a watch and my favorite ear jacket studs.



Photo Credits : Sarah Rahman

Jacket – Miss Selfridge

Jeans – Bershka

Cami – New Look

Oxfords – New Look

Rings, Necklace, Earring – Forever 21

Watch – Armani

Tip of the day – Count your blessings and build your wardrobe.


  • Yess! I love these vests! I still have not found one yet but I guess i haven’t been actively looking since it’s still a bit chilly where I am. I’ll definitely be on the lookout in zara and mango now that I know they have plenty! I also love how you dressed up a casual outfit by throwing on that vest! Definitely a great piece to have!

    I also posted up a new outfit and would love if you can come check it out!

    • Heyy! Yes, you should definitely have a look there, even River Island had some great but pricey (heartbreaks) ones.
      Thank you, there are so many ways of dressing up a casual look, I keep experimenting for university!
      And I did check it out , loved the minimalistic button up, need to invest in one myself!
      Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to hearing from you soon 😁

      Love, Rebecca