Hello beautiful people of the internet,

Today’s post is a rather special post, remember earlier this week when I said that I would elaborate more on turning 21 later? Well, here you go! Everybody I meet asks me what exactly I did on my birthday and to be honest I didn’t do much, but I did everything at the same time. It was perfectly beautiful and special and thanks to all the amazing people in my life for making it so <3

So here’s a run through of my day –
Morning Blues

I woke up in the morning to tons of messages (thanks, everyone!) and then I had to make my own breakfast because my sister was too busy WORKING! (just kidding Naz, you know I love you). Also, I decided to wear this pretty pretty ombre top that I got from Ritu Kumar (link below) when I went to India and the earrings were like a last minute thing! I was getting dressed and I saw it, tried it and viola!

Afternoon Brunch –

I went out for lunch with some of my girlfriends to literally the best and my favourite Mexican restaurant in town, Muchachas Mexican Cantina, you have to go there, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  My sister arranged for the girls to bring the balloons which were just like the cherry on top. They ALSO got me my favourite cake from Magnolia Bakery, for the past three years, my birthday cake has been from Magnolia so you can tell how much I love it (Thanks, Sarah <3). So a whole lot of pictures, yummy food, cheeessyyy food and laughs later, we finally left the restaurant. We were there for so long that we felt like if we stayed any longer, they would have kicked us out haha.

Tea time –

So yeah it might look like I was eating all day, but don’t worry that’s a good thing because I am always hungry so food makes me happy. After Kaftan, I have been obsessed with Turkish tea lately, and so after a little window shopping in Dubai Mall, we went to have some tea and MADO. (Between you and me, I like the tea at Kaftan better 🙈)

Dinner –

So for the final bit of the day I spent it with my family, we went to Farzi Café at Citywalk, which is like Indian food but with a twist. My boyfriend surprised me by showing up; he was supposed to be too busy with “work”. But he was such a darling and ate Indian food even though I know he doesn’t like it 🙆. My family also gifted me my birthday gift, which is so special that I want to dedicate a whole other post to it, which I will very soon (PROMISE). We laughed, we ate, we watched Leo eat food as if he was an alien and it was all good.

Top – Ritu Kumar (Find it HERE!)

Jeans – Zara

Earrings – I have had them forever (I think I got it from Splash)

So there we ago, a day well spent. Thanks to my sister and mom for always trying to make all my birthdays special, you know I love you <3 I know I turned 21, so you would think I should have probably gone clubbing or gotten smashed but I am so happy that I spent my birthday the way I did. Surrounded by people I love (and food) all day long.

Thought of the day : Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated 🎉


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