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So I love food, especially when it’s all at the same place and at impeccable prices. I recently went to the Etisalat Beach Canteen as part of the Dubai food fest, and was thoroughly impressed. The beach canteen is the best place to go this weekend if you’re looking for a fun time accompanied by live music, a wide variety of food, a little bit of shopping and the chance to meet new people over food. I honestly met the sweetest couple and our families literally bonded over what we were eating, how it was and whether we should go try it.

I tried a few restaurants and I decided to write short reviews for two of my favorites – Wofl and Pinza!

Wofl – dangerously delicious waffles


When a restaurant has great staff, you enjoy their food all the more. Wofl was one such place, with waffles to satisfy your sweet-tooth and a dash of uniqueness topped with a heart-felt welcome.

I ordered “the old faithful” waffle – they  were soft with the right amount of crisp, and loaded with Nutella and whipped cream. What I love about this place was the healthy batter and the fact that the waffles were folded, unlike traditional ones. While a downside, I would say, is that I wish it had more strawberries to balance out the sweetness.

Nonetheless, this is the perfect ending to your food-filled day!
Price: Dhs 30

Check them out – http://www.wofl.me/



Thanks to my friend, I have eaten real Italian pizza – well, what he says is the closest to Italian pizza you’ll find in UAE, anyway. But Pinza was a unique concept that I absolutely fell in love with. Why the name? To break all the norms about Pizza – oil, flour, fatty. The unique name is for their unique take on the traditional pizza.

I ordered the Pinzafied Margherita and I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Soft on the outside, but mouth-wateringly crisp the minute you bite into it. Loaded with tons and tons of Burratta cheese (sorry, I’m a cheese addict) over a classic tomato base. The basil leaves on top were literally like the cherry on top; they added a spark of flavor that changed the end product all together. A definite must-try if you visit the Etisalat beach canteen.
Price: 50 Dhs

Check them out – https://www.facebook.com/itspinza/


Tomorrow’s the LAST DAY! Catch it before it goes <3

Location – Kite Beach, Dubai

Tip of the day – Nothing brings people together like good food.


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