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Hope you have been having a great week! My week has been all sorts of crazy cause I had family over and you know those DSF deals have decided to make a huge hole in my pocket. Anyway, today’s post is special because it’s about hair care. I am one of those people who put in a lot effort into my hair and skin care – I literally have an 8-step skincare regime. The reason I do it is cause neither my hair nor my skin is perfect, and my photo shoots often require me to wear a lot of makeup or style my hair. So I do break out, and my hair falls like crazy; thus I put a lot of effort into maintaining it.

When I heard about Hair Botox, I was curious, way too curious. Could there really be an answer to fixing my dry and fragile hair without damaging it further? Apparently, YES.

What is Hair Botox?

Years and years of colouring, straightening and blow drying will eventually take a toll on your locks, and they will start losing their natural oils and look drier. Hair Botox is like a rejuvenation process that claims to turn back the clock and strengthen your hair making it soft and shiny.

Is it safe?

Unlike the Keratin treatment, this does not use Formaldehyde and therefore does not damage your hair. Think of it like a deep conditioning treatment taken to the next level. All it does is make your hair smoother, frizz-free and more manageable. Also, it does NOT straighten your hair like a keratin treatment. What it does do is make your natural curls or waves look softer and luscious instead of dry and dull.

Where to do it in Dubai and how much does it cost?

I went to Yin Yang Salon in JBR a few months ago for a Show Beauty preview and absolutely loved the salon and the staff. When one of the ladies was doing my hair, she said that it was super dry and I started talking to her about how crazy my hair has been lately and that the weather was not doing any good to it either. That’s when she suggested I try a Hair Botox treatment, and a whole lot of research later, I finally decided to do it before I left for Bali.

The price really depends on your hair length, but my hair length would cost you between 300-400 Dhs. They usually charge 125 Dhs for the first 12 inches and then 25 Dhs per inch after that. However, I’d still suggest you book a consultation appointment to figure out the right amount as per your hair length.

Does it work?

Yes, Yes and YES. Now please don’t expect a magical hair transformation, because I doubt there’s anything on this planet that can actually do that. But this treatment definitely made my hair super soft right after the first wash. It was so soft, and I was so not used to it that I almost found difficulty managing it! It certainly made my hair look less frizzy than before but not completely either. What I mean by that is that at times I still felt that it looked a bit frizzy, but I have no one to blame for that because I spent a lot of time in the water after my treatment, which wasn’t the brightest idea. She said that the effects usually last a little over a month and since its already been over a month, I am starting to see a decline in my hair quality. I’d like to do the treatment again sometime this year because I loved how soft my hair felt after!

The Process

To help you understand the process better, I decided to do a step-by-step explanation. The time taken to do the process again depends on your hair type – mine took me roughly 60 mins cause my hair is super thick 💁.

Step 1

They wash your hair to ensure your hair is clean to allow the product to seep in well.

Step 2

After roughly blow drying your hair, they apply the treatment onto your hair. Beware cause the smell of the cream actually stings the eye a bit, ask for an eye mask should you need it.

Step 3

The treatment is left on your hair for about 10-15 mins after which your hair is blow-dried.

Step 4
PC: My lovely sister Leandra Charley <3

The final step is to straighten your hair. This is the most crucial step as the heat helps the active ingredients in the product to seep further into your hair.

Other details

  • They said that leaving the treatment onto your hair helps it work better, and therefore they do not wash it off. You can wash your hair 3 days later.
  • Don’t worry cause leaving the treatment in your hair does not make it look sticky or greasy, my hair looked like it normally does after a blow-dry.

So that’s it for today guys! Hope you try the Hair Botox treatment at Yin Yang for a fast and affordable way to fix all your woes 👌 Yin Yang is located in Suha Hotel Apartments, Sadaf 3, JBR. Head over to their Instagram page for more details and to book an appointment!

Thought of the day : Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off 👑


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