Morning Lovelies,

As I mentioned in my last post, I have lived in UAE for almost 9 years now and growing up and studying here has made me acknowledge cultures from different parts of the world. I was probably one of the only girls in my whole girl gang in school that didnโ€™t wear a hijab, and that just made me appreciate modest fashion all the more and love it in my own way.

How pretty is Annie from Unlavish ?

So when Haya Collective, which is a modest fashion brand based in South Africa, approached us Bloggerang girls for a collaboration I was more than thrilled! First, just look at how amazing their outfits are, I could wear this skirt every single day ๐Ÿ™ˆ Second, itโ€™s natural for me to run to Forver21 and buy dresses every time they have a sale, but I realise that a lot of my friends and followers wear modest fashion.

So this one is for all you lovely ladies out there, fashion is so subjective, I am a strong believer in wearing anything and everything as long as you feel confident and happy wearing it. Be different and take up your modest fashion game with the amazing pieces Haya Collective has to offer, oh and they do worldwide shipping!! (Yes, I am looking out for my modest fashion girls who are not in UAE too ๐Ÿ˜˜ )

As for the rest of the outfit details, youโ€™d think it would be easy to find a full sleeve white top that was of good quality in the UAE, but you can throw those thoughts right out of the window! My mom and I spent hours trying to find a good white (not off-white!!) top in the mall that would fit my petite frame, and when we were finally giving up all hope, we found the perfect one at Promod. Luckily have more colours girls and are totally affordable, so make sure you check them out if you were having the same problems as me

Skirt – Haya Collective

Top โ€“ Promod

Heels โ€“ Zara

Earrings โ€“ H&M

So that’s it for today guys, thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment on any suggestions on today’s post or future posts you might like me to write about. Oh and follow me on Instagram – @damselindesert for more updates on all the other crazy things I have been upto <3
Thought of the day : Stop holding yourself back. If you aren’t happy, make a change.