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Did you know that it is nearly 45 degrees outside? 🔥 And if you have lived in UAE long enough, you know that this is just the start of summer. Soon it’s going to be impossible to take a shower in the day, or step outside for even 15 minutes! We all know the damages of the sun’s UV rays, it’s the reason we are so worried about our eyes and hair, but we often forget about skincare! I get it, I have used the same excuses as you regarding sunscreens – stickiness and unflattering residue. This is why the Heliocare 360 Gel Oil-Free Sunblock is a game changer and the answer to all your problems.

Today’s magic product: Heliocare 360 Gel Oil-Free SPF 50

AED 200 from BasharaCare.com (Find it HERE)

Protection – First things first, apart from being lightweight and smooth, this magic sunscreen provides protection against the broad spectrum of daily environmental challenges such as UVB, UVA, Infrared­‐A (IR-‐A) and visible light. Which basically means that it takes care of all possible problem and prevents sun spots and skin pigmentation

Prevention -Heliocare uses it’s patented Fernblock FC which provides an added antioxidant prevention effect. Now if you are wondering what difference antioxidants make – it basically provides a whole extra level of protection to the skin and boosts our skin’s natural immunity to sun damage. So this sunscreen does not only protect your skin but prevents future damages too!

Skin Type – Combination/oily skin. It’s a task finding products that suit my combination and acne prone skin, but the oil-free dry touch formula quickly absorbed into my skin and mattified it. This made it the perfect base to apply makeup on because my skin was not greasy whatsoever. The sunscreen also makes the skin look naturally dewy and healthy without leaving any of that gross residue behind!

So hands down, this is the best sunscreen I have used! They say the higher the protection, the thicker the consistency but even with SPF 50, unlike other products, this one just glides onto your skin and is absorbed instantly.

I ordered this product from my new favourite online store – BasharaCare! You might not find this brand in stores easily, and that’s where BasharaCare comes into view – they have a curated list of more than 80 skincare and beauty brands. So you’ll find a unique selection of products here that you might not find anywhere else! Oh like I have said before, I hate waiting for delivery packages, but they deliver the very next day within UAE, so what more do you need? 💃

So that’s about it guys, if you try this product out let me know in the comments below, I love hearing feedback from you guys! And – no more sunscreen excuses okay? Your skin comes first 💕

Thought of the day: The sun will rise, and we will shine again 🌅

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