Hello Lovelies,

So, I recently got the chance to attend a gala screening at Dubai International Film Festival. Diff’s red carpets showcase some of the finest and most glamorous outfits, so obviously I ransacked my entire wardrobe to find the best dress. In the end, I finally settled on this beautiful white dress (that belongs to my lovely sister) from River Island.

IMG_03Belonging to the High Low family, this dress is the perfect choice if you are looking for something elegant yet modern that looks like it’s been lifted right off the runway. They come in a variety of styles which makes it easy to find one that flatters your figure in just the right way. The dress has a short hemline in the front but longer ones on the side that allow  you to show off your legs, while still enjoying ample amounts of coverage. A high low dress is the best way to wear a short dress when you aren’t too confident about your body.

As for the jewellery, I decided to keep it simple as I didn’t want to over do it for the event, choosing a simple navy blue stone necklace from Lovisa that I happen to adore. I got it on sale a long time ago, but I just never found the perfect event to wear it to – until now. I topped it off with navy blue pumps to match the necklace. That’s what I love about white dresses; you can wear them ample amount of times, but make it look different each time with the right accessories.

And finally, this post is kind of special cause I decided to feature my girls in it too, everyone looked so great that day and it was so much fun that I had to!




Photo Credits : Adil Mohammed

Dress – River Island

Necklace – Lovisa

Heels – New Look


In addition to being trendy, there is something flirtatious yet playful about this silhouette that makes it ever-more appealing.

That’s it for today; look out for a future post on the different ways to wear a white dress! 😉

Tip of the day – You own your body, not your viewer. Love your body, and wear what you love with confidence and it’ll show.


  • Kasie Chetty

    Sheer elegance!….white is always the best option.

    • Thank you! … I completely agree, there’s so much you can do!