Hello loves,

Today I am back with a beauty review after a long time! I have recently completely changed my skincare routine and I am slowly going to start sharing all the products with you guys starting with this holy grail mask! If there is one product that is the most famous in the Korean skincare world, it’s the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. One tub of this is said to be sold every 12 seconds, and for a good reason, that’s for sure!

About the product

This product will come to you like a genie in a bottle when your skin is dull and dry due to lack of sleep. Let’s be honest; this is often most of us because we don’t take nearly enough care of our skin or get sufficient sleep on a regular basis.

This sleeping mask helps rehydrate and rebalance the moisture in your skin overnight. It comes in a blue jar with a little spatula for hygienic application. As annoying as it may be, I’d suggest you always use this spatula because it helps keep the icky bacteria on your hands away from contaminating the contents of the jar.

So the product is said to help with the below –

SLEEP-TOX – to rebalance and revitalizes the skin overnight, makes the skin looks well hydrated as if we had enough of 8 hours sleep.

MOISTURE WRAP – helps to lock the moisture all night with active properties, such as Hydro Ion Mineral Water, Rose Extract, Apricot Hunza Extract, etc.

SLEEPSCENT – uses the real amorepacific, to help us get a good night’s sleep, calms down the skin while enhancing its ability to regenerate.

How to use

1. Complete your night-time skincare routine which includes – cleansing, toner, essence, ampoule and eye cream.
2. Scoop the mask using the spatula provided and apply a thin layer of the product all over the face
3. Gently spread the mask all over the face with outward massaging strokes.
3.Repeat step 2 & 3 with a second layer – I found that applying 2 thin layers instead of 1 helps lock in the moisture better.
4. After the mask is perfectly absorbed, let your skin absorb its goodness overnight and wash it off the next morning.
5. Use it 2-3 times a week

Where to buy it for a steal!

I have always wanted to try Korean skincare products but felt that they were a little over priced in the UAE. However, I recently found out that Althea delivers to Dubai and I have been going a little crazy shopping! In my defence, they sell products super cheap and deliver even faster, which is a win-win situation for me. Let me give you an example of how much cheaper Althea is than famous online stores in Dubai –

I got this product on Althea for $20 (here) which is roughly 75 Dhs whereas as this is sold for 110 Dhs (here), 140 Dhs (here) and 191 Dhs (here)! That’s more than double of what I paid for it! Agreed that I had to pay $8 (which is btw still cheaper at 105 Dhs in total) for express shipping ($7 for normal). But I ordered nearly 8 products, and it delivered in less than 4 days all the way from Korea! So I think the 8 dollars for shipping is totally worth it because I got all the products at less than half the price I would have had to pay in Dubai!

Okay, so do I really need to convince you more? Haha

To sum it up

I literally have been battling with myself on when to use this product because I want to use it before an important day (like a date, event or meeting) but this product is just so amazing that I also want to use it every day! It works overnight, and you can literally feel the difference in your skin after the first application. It helps clam down the skin and leaves is brighter and smoother upon continuous application. The gel-like texture is also super lightweight and is easily absorbed into the skin leaving no residue (and clean pillow covers!)

All in all, I absolutely loved this product and will definitely repurchase it again and again!

Do you have any favourite sleeping masks? Let me know in the comments below!

Thought of the day : Sleep, drink water, and treat your skin.

Until next time,