Morning loves!

Okay, I am way too excited for today’s post because I have finally added a new section to my blog – Collaborations!

I have been working day and night on this blog for nearly 7 months now, and I never thought I would be adding this feature to my blog anytime soon, but I am!! Ok pardon my excitement if you can 🙈


So, I have been eyeing Marla London bags for a while now on Instagram, and when I checked them out at Centerpoint, I was surprised with how affordable they were. I have this thing where I won’t buy a designer bag till I pay for it with my own money, so I am constantly looking for other affordable brands with impeccable quality to suit my student budget 👏. When Bloggerang approached me for my first-ever brand collaboration featuring Marla London, I was thrilled with excitement because I have wanted to try out their bags for the longest time!

..And now, this bag is literally my to-go for everything! Don’t go on the size, because it might look compact but I managed to fit my DSLR, wallet, charger, flats (and more) in there for Fashion forward, the girls always make fun of me for what I can fit it in this one bag! But it’s true, and what’s better is that the quality is equally amazing.

Not only did I get the chance to try out the brand but I also got the chance to work with the blogger and photographer, Mahryska. I have been following her for the longest time now and working with her was such a pleasure – her blog is honestly goals 😍




Dress – Zara

Bag – Marla London Malaika Bag (Find it here!)

Wedges – HnM

Choker & Necklace– Forever 21

So that’s it for today guys, thanks for reading! Make sure you check out the rest of Marla London’s AW 2016 collection on their website and Centerpoint stores! Follow me on Instagram – @damselindesert for more updates on all the other crazy things I have been upto <3
Thought of the day : Better an oops than a what if.


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