Hello lovelies!

Beginning work means building a formal wardrobe. While I have never been that into formal clothing, I have to admit I’m starting to gain a liking towards it. With that said, finding the perfect pieces to create this wardrobe hasn’t been all that easy; I’ve been hunting for formal pants with a straight-cut for a while now at Zara, Mango … the sorts; and nothing was “The One”.


The other day, my mom wanted to buy something from G2000 (her all-time favorite store) and little did I know that accompanying her would lead me to find this beauty. Now usually, I would never shop there –  it’s too formal for my liking – but these pants are amazing.

Super comfy, straight-cut and ankle-length – what more could a girl ask for?! I teamed it up with this beautiful top from Promod with deep blue detailing to match. It’s the perfect mix of ethnic and bohemian to up your formal attire. However, since the top wasn’t too bright, I went all out with the earrings and chose this gorgeous pair from New Look. That’s the beauty of jewelry; you can change any outfit by adding or subtracting a piece of jewelry. Since I had the earrings, I toned down on everything else and chose classic black heels to complete the look.



Photo Credits – Sarah Rahman

Pants – G2000

Top – Promod

Heels – New Look

Earrings – New Look

Tip of the day – Step outside your comfort zone. Try a new hairstyle today!


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