Morning loves!


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to share today’s post! Neha and I have been wanting to collaborate since the day we met, and after the longest time, we finally managed to settle on a brand, a theme and a location!

We picked out our outfits Gigi Hadid’s capsule collection at Tommy Hilfiger, check it out here – TOMMYxGIGI
I have been talking about building my capsule wardrobe for the longest time now, so naturally, I had to own something from this collection, even if it was just a t-shirt 😛

After constantly messaging each other and sending a million pictures, Neha and I managed to create a look that both complimented and contrasted each other, which I find is the beauty of it all. We managed to stay true our style and still try something new; the sailor hat was my personal touch because if we were going to do nautical, it was all or nothing!

I initially wanted to buy the hat from Gigi’s collection, but it was super expensive, and I was super disappointed, luckily my darling of a boyfriend arranged these sailor hats for me (Thanksy). I don’t appreciate the people who help me with these little things for my blog nearly enough, so cheers and kisses to them all <3



Neha’s blog is all about fashion and lifestyle, and she finds some of the most beautiful locations to shoot at in Dubai, you can check her out here @neha_style_diaries She went for a more casual look with jeans while I pumped things up with the bright red skirt and my jean jacket.
I collaborated with a new makeup artist this time, we both go to the same university and had no clue! Check out this sweetheart nikilovesmakeup and show her some love! I am blessed to get the chance to work with so many young and talented people; you might already Kevin from the million pictures he’s taken of me, check him out at – Kevinsmediax if you haven’t already!! :O


        Neha                                                              Rebecca

Sweatshirt  – Tommy Hilfiger            T-Shirt– Tommy Hilfiger

Jeans – Mango                                                    Skirt – Zara

Neck Scarf – Tommy Hilfiger                  Jean Jacket – H&M

Boots – Aldo                                                 Sneakers – Adidas

So that’s it for today loves, thanks for reading and I hope you liked this look! Let me know if you like collaborations like this and would like to see more in the comments below! Make sure you subscribe to be the first to know of all the amazing stuff coming in soon :*
Thought of the day : Seas the day ⚓️