(hmm…is the post name too cheesy? probably. But Gingham skirts though)

Hey guys,

How has your week been? I have just been busy getting back on the blogging and job searching grind that I would rather not comment on haha. So, this week I am back with another fashion post featuring a gingham print skirt that I am in LOVE with. So much so that if I could wear it every day, I probably would.I shot this look when I was in Bali, on the beautiful Gili Islands. My boyfriend and I absolutely loveeee that island, but I’ll be talking more about that tomorrow, or I won’t stop raving about it 🙆 Also, how good is my boyfriend getting at photography? Most of the photos I have been putting up on Instagram from my trip have been taken by him, and I have to appreciate that cause he hates photography. But hey, Instagram boyfriends, right?

So moving on to today’s post. I don’t know if you guys feel the need to follow every new trend that comes up, cause I don’t. Some of them are pretty absurd, and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them just cause everyone else is, you just need to “be you” sometimes. But Gingham prints are one trend that I am absolutely in love with; I have been seeing them around for a while. The other day I saw some girl wear a similar skirt in Dubai Mall and in that moment I knew, I had to get this 😍.

Since the trend picked up, they have been available in a huge variety of colours, but I went for the classic black & white print first cause its super versatile. I think what I love about this skirt most is that it can be matched with anything. Wear it with a sparkly top or lacey crop top for a night out, or a simple t-shirt during the day. It’s one of those easy and comfy skirts that makes your everyday t-shirt look so good that it seems that you almoostttt put in a lot of efforts getting dressed, but you actually didn’t 😉 I say that cause this is pretty much what I did in Gili, wore it in the day while I was busy exploring the island and then traded my top for something more fancy to go clubbing.

P.S – How pretty are Gili sunsets? <3

Skirt – New Look (Find it on Asos)

Top – Forever 21

Hat – H&M

Bag – Bali street shopping 😉

So that’s it for today guys! Hope you checked out my Contiki Review Part 1, second part will be out later this week, maybe tomorrow, keep an eye out ❤️  Have a great week ahead!

Thought of the day : Be you. Do you. For you.


  • Bianca Danise 🌸

    i looooove the bag!!! <3