Morning Lovelies,

Going through a bit of a writer’s block right now and this has never happened to me before, I always have endless things to go on and on…..and on… about. Weird.

Anyway, as promised and highly requested, here’s what I wore to Fashion Forward this year! I shared my favourite looks from the shows last week if you haven’t gotten the chance to check them out yet – here’s a quick look 😉

img_2653So Fashion Forward huh, it’s basically like Dubai’s Fashion week and probably one of the biggest events of the year. Anyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry is there and you know they are cause they are totally killing it with those looks. To be honest, I was a bit too scared; I wasn’t sure I even wanted to attend it, but Neha messaged me asking me to apply and honestly I am so glad she did (like everything else she has motivated me to do) – because it was worth it. I spent hours in Dubai Mall, and I practically went to every single shop there to find something I liked, luckily my BFF Sarah joined me and made it so much better – opinions from you BFF are the best things in the world. Period.

Left to Right – me 😛 , Paul Ramos, Nicoleta Buru, Neha Patel & Bettina Micu
PC : @sandinthecitydubai

So after hours of ransacking every brand, I managed to find this beautiful skirt that was totally in my budget (whew!), and I finally had a plan in mind. Now fast forward to fashion forward (see what I did there ) and I am nervous all over again, the clothes, the glamour, it’s amazing and totally overwhelming! What I learnt that day was that, as long as you are confident in what you are wearing you can make a rug sack look designer and that’s exactly what I did for the rest of the day – stayed comfortable in my own skin.

With @bettinamicu

And it sure helped to be there with all these amazing bloggers, who made the experience even more memorable. We laughed, we took pictures of each other, fake laughed for pictures and took tons of snaps; it’s always fun meeting new and old bloggers who totally get you and are as weird as you in their own way (Hi Bettina 😉 )



Skirt – Bershka (Find it here!)

Top – Zara

Bag – Marla London

Choker & Heels– New Look

Arm Candy – Forever 21

So anyway, that’s all about my first ever Fashion Forward, in a nutshell, it was a crazy, awesome and truly memorable experience! Hopefully next year I can find it in myself to be more daring with my outfits, only time will tell. Anyway, that’s it for today loves, hope you liked the post and stay tuned for more :*
Thought of the day : Make it cute with a skirt!