Morning loves!

As you might remember from Instagram or my last post, I got the chance to meet some amazing bloggers last week at a Bloggerang event. Annie from Unlavish and Fatima from TheTrendChronicle organised the event, and it was absolutely refreshing! We shared sips and tips over a huge variety of some really delicious food provided by Denny’s, on Sheik Zayed Road. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to meet people I have been following (not stalking; I promise :P) for the past few months in person, and to learn some amazing tips on how to improve my Instagram and Snapchat! Hell, they even inspired me to get a snapchat account – add me up @therealdamsel 😉

So, I decided to take a little bit of a different take on the event and share with you guys the 5 things I learnt by meeting other bloggers –


1. Creativity comes from passion

It’s not easy being a blogger, that much I know; but it’s not easy being creative either. Meeting these bloggers, I realised that they are just a bunch of really enthusiastic people who love what they do, and it shows. They all take the efforts to do something different each time and it doesn’t matter where they are, they make it happen with what’s available. You have to check out callmedivi’s #FromWhereISelfied photos! That girl is incredible and so talented!


2. It’s not a secret

Now you might think that all bloggers might want to keep their tips and tricks a secret, but that is so not the case. They don’t want all the fame to themselves; in fact, they are more than willing to reveal their secrets to blogging, all you have to do is ask! Jean from Ohitsjean shared some incredible tips on how to master flatlays – we were all hooked to her creativity. Looking at her, I realised that there’s so much more to an image; even the way a fork is placed matters (yes, sounds crazy I know, but trust Jean and me!)


3. Each one is unique

There are millions of bloggers out there and while I encourage each one, standing out is difficult. All these lovely bloggers have their own uniqueness to how they post or edit their photos. Be it Neha’s incredible Instagram layout or Nehan’s fun snaps, each one is different and has their own touch to everything they do.


4. Being Oblivious is an art

Okay, this is one is kinda funny but really true! Us bloggers don’t care what’s happening around us or who’s watching. It’s difficult mastering this art, but once you have it pinned down, you will never care again. You had to see everyone that day; I told my boyfriend it was his worst nightmare come true 😛 They knew what they wanted and how they wanted it, they moved the food to other tables for better lighting or shook with shakes because they wanted to, but hey they had their fun!


5. And finally … they love what they do

I think the main and most important thing I took away that day was that you need to love what you do. Blogging is a lifestyle, and not an easy one, might I add. It takes a lot of commitment and efforts to work on posts and content, especially if you have full-time jobs like most of the bloggers present that day. They take out time from their personal lives to blog, because they love what they do and they don’t want to disappoint their followers.

I might be new to blogging, but some of these people have been at it for a long time now, and I learnt a lot meeting them that day! Thanks for the lovely event, Annie and Fatima, and Tish Tash and Denny’s for sponsoring it!

Thought of the day: It’s not about creativity, it’s about the person you’re becoming while you are creating.


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