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Finally back with my “SISTER SERIES” !! People always raved about how much they enjoyed it last year, so I had to bring it back. I didn’t think it would be such a big thing or even that my little sister would enjoy it so much <3 She really put in a lot of effort with me this time to create these looks cause we wanted them to be very different from last year, so we hope you enjoy them!

The first look shows contrasts in our way of dressing the most. The next two will be more simple and similar but different than what I have ever done before 😉 Leah’s style is very “Korean” – ripped jeans, sneakers, loose everything and solid colours. She even picks up outfits from the plus size and men’s section sometimes, but you’d never be able to tell. I, on the other hand, love my dressy dresses with a bohemian or classy edge.

This look took us the longest to agree upon cause we wanted shades of blue but we also wanted them to match our style. I finally went with this flowy, vintage printed dress and Leah opted for this striped shirt. Her skirt was her little “sale find” from Forever 21. She always complains about how she never finds good stuff on sale, so this skirt is an exemption even to her!

Leah felt like her look was a little too simple and added the fishnet stockings to complete the look. As you can tell, the best part about fishnet stocking is that they can upgrade any look from “wow” to “WOW” 😉

Leah’s Wearing
Rebecca’s Wearing
Skirt – Forever 21

Shirt – Zara

Heels – Nose

Stockings – New Yorker

Dress – River Island

Heels – Ardene


That’s it for today’s look; our next two looks will be up super soon! Can’t wait to share them with you guys. Also, please show some love to my older sister and current photographer! She’s the one siting in odd position and lying down on the concrete to make these photos happen! Check out her Instagram here – @nazrrenegill

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Thought of the day : She’s magic, that one.
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