Happy Sunday Loves!

Ok, so I honestly have been delaying this post because I needed a break from all the writing I have been doing this past week, but I love this look and shoot so much that I couldn’t wait any longer!

DSC_4921For the second part of my sister series with my cousin (have you checked out part one yet?!) we opted for a mixture of street and chic style focusing on black and nudes. I wanted to portray our styles in the best way possible, and therefore I focused on keeping our outfits in the same colour palette to help them stand out.  The best part about this look is that both our dresses are so elegant yet affordable, you’d be surprised!


So the thing about my cousin is that she has her own unique style that I haven’t been able to grasp to date, and this speaks volumes because I often pick up people’s tastes easily if I have known them long enough. She’s not afraid to buy clothes from the men’s section and mix and match it with her ripped jeans and wedged boots, and you wouldn’t even realise where she got it from if she didn’t tell you!


Leah is all about jackets so she matched her pink lace cami dress with this beautiful coat, while I opted for this black lace overlay dress with pink jewellery to match her dress.  My favourite part about this is the long lace overlay that makes it dressy in a subtle yet sophisticated way. As I mentioned in my Instagram post, these matching heels that we wore are probably one of the very few pieces of clothing that we agreed and hence I had to feature it!


            Leah                                                               Rebecca

Dress – Forever 21 Dhs 69             Dress – Forever 21 Dhs 149

Choker – Spring                                    Earrings – HnM Dhs 25

Jacket – Zara                                            Bracelet – Swarovski

Shoes – HnM                                                    Shoes – HnM

So that’s it for today loves, hope you liked this look and keep an eye out for the final look coming next week. Will it be casual or party? Keep wondering 😉 Oh and make sure you Kevin’s Photography, this guy never fails to amaze me because all I have to do is show him an idea and he always delivers! Check him out on Instagram and Facebook <3
Thought of the day : Two is better than one.

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