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Do you guys have any sisters? If you do, then you will get exactly what I am going to be talking about in today’s post! My elder sister and my cousin are the two most important things in my life and my biggest motivation to getting anything done for the blog. They sit in the heat, drive me around and take pictures with 10 people staring at us (trying not to be awkward) and are my most loyal audience <3


You might remember a little about them from my About me page, but there’s so much more than that. Since my sister is never willing to take photos with me and prefers to stay behind the scenes, I convinced my cousin to do this sister series with me.

My behind the scenes looks something like this 😛


We have such different yet similar styles it’s crazy, so I decided to put up three different looks with her where we style similar outfits in our own way :D. Starting off with this beach look that was such a spontaneous shoot and my inspiration to starting this series – our outfits are the exact same thing, but it’s all about the colours. I prefer vibrant and bright colours, and anything pink works for me, but Leah is all about blues, blacks and greys; but she really knows how to work her nude palette that you will see in the upcoming posts and fall in love with yourself!

DSC_4061 DSC_4110

In today’s post, we both are wearing beach coveralls that my sister got for me from Goa (she’s a darling, always buying things for my blog) with bandeau and jeans. Sporting beach hair with sand in our feet has never looked this good, and it’s all thanks to my favourite photographer – Kevin’s Photography. Read more about him in my previous posts, or just follow him on Instagram and Facebook and prepare to be blown away with how much a 20-year-old can do with a camera!


               Leah                                                           Rebecca

Beach Cover up  – Goa                          Beach Cover up  – Goa

    Bandeau – Street                                  Bandeau – Terranova

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Thought of the day : We are different flowers from the same garden.

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