Hello loves!

Happy Weekend 💃 May this weekend be full of rest, rest and res…no wait Riverdale?! Well, that’s what my ideal weekend consists of that the moment anyway. Like seriously how awesome is that show? And Archie is hot and all but Jughead has my heart 😍 (Hi Cole Sprouse!)

So anyway moving on to today’s post! I am sure you guys have all been wondering why my Instagram feed has suddenly taken such a Spring and Tropical approach, you can blame Bloggerang for it. Not in a bad way.

The lovely team collaborated with Clinique Arabia, House of Flowers and Dubai Garden Center to organise one of the most beautiful and magical event ever (and my favourite, shhh). I don’t know how they do it, but each event is better than the other! What I love about Bloggerang events is all the positivity, I never leave that place without feeling content and suddenly more optimistic about life. And you really have to be there to see all the creativity in one room, everyone is doing their own thing, creating their own content, taking pictures of the same products but no two photos will ever be the same. That’s art.

And this is one of the most valuable blogging lesson’s I have learnt as a part of this community – to be different and original.

Talking about original, the whole set up by Dubai Garden Center and the lovely flower crowns by House of Flowers really made the day (NEHA, we love you for all your ideas and hard work into making all this happen!). We had a lovely session with the Clinique team where we spoke about skincare problems, the right products for our skin, dealing with Dubai’s bipolar weather and everything in between. They were honestly the sweetest girls ever, and Selvana even gave me a one on one session on how to use the products in my goodie bag! To be honest I have never used Clinique’s Skincare products before, just the makeup, but I have been using it for the last two weeks now, and I am super impressed (I’ll have a full review up soon promise, I hate doing reviews if I haven’t even used the product for a month!)

Last but not the least, Injeel’s session on PR and blogging was really like the cherry on top. This is the first time I have seen bloggers so interested in listening to what the speaker was saying that they almost forgot to snap a photo! (That’s not normal, trust me). She spoke about everything from collaborations, media kits to rate cards and honestly, I took away so much that day. Unless you are in PR yourself you will never know what happens behind the scenes and what a brand expects of you when they approach you for a collaboration, Injeel really helped us understand the nuts and bolts of it all, so much so that I actually met with her a week later for a proper interview on the whole topic again!

Cheers to the whole Bloggerang team for organising such an amazing event! Especially to Annie who works day and night to make up for our time difference <3 These photos were all a mix of @corbieeats and @takenbyjayven‘s work, please show them some love, promise you won’t be disappointed! Also, would love if you could take a moment to watch the lovely video that our bride to be Divi made for the event, she really captures all our events like no one other ❤️

Quote of the day : Being a Bloggerang girl is like having flowers in your hair than diamonds around your neck 🌺


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