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Okay, so a new post has been a long time coming. I don’t want to be an “Instagram Influencer”. I honestly hate the word influencer because there’s a huge difference between being an influencer and a blogger. Unfortunately, I travel up down to Dubai from Al Ain, so I lose a lot of time there and its tiring as hell! And the weekends go for family, Leo and doing other blog stuff or events.

Usually, I have been able to cope up well and write posts but this past week was jam-packed with events, and I ended up giving all my free time to that instead. Anyway, my New Year Resolution is to do a post every week without fail, no matter the events or craziness in my life. I started this blog to write, so I am going to make more time for that.

So moving on, I LOVE this skirt! I feel like I say that about most my outfits haha but this skirt is truly one of a kind. I bought it for my aunt’s Mexican party in Bahrain. Whenever I buy something for a party, I try to keep it as universal as possible even if the party has a theme. I don’t just want to wear something once and not be able to use it again, feels like such a waste of money.

This printed, flowing midi skirt from Zara has an asymmetrical hemline and slits on the side. The second layer on top is to tie a bow on the back, but I honestly prefer tying the bow in the front so much more. It gives the skirt a whole new look! I teamed this skirt up with a simple white crop top that I picked up from Stradivarius for just 25 Dhs!

This was kind of an unplanned shoot, so I didn’t take better shoes with me to complete the outfit but hey those Guess flats are COMFY and easy to twirl around in for photos  😂

Skirt – Zara (HERE!)

Top – Stradivarius

Flats – Guess

Watch – Daniel Wellington

So that’s it for today’s look, hope you like it! Stay tuned for last minute Christmas gift ideas coming later this week!

Thought of the day : Stay Cozy ❄️

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