Hi lovelies,

Hope you guys have been having a great 2017! Ok, I have missed writing, I haven’t written a blog post in a month and a half! But I apologise for the delay, apart from spending time with my family and being burdened with a million assignments, as you can tell I have been redesigning my blog. I have wanted to do this for a long time because I wanted the design to reflect my personality more, and I didn’t want to be restricted by any limitations of wordpress.com. Doing it all by myself and trying to figure out domains and coding (ending up in a million online chats with my host 😂 ) wasn’t easy and that’s why I took so long finishing it, but I promise apart from designing I have also been working on a lot of content, and you can expect new blog posts every week, sometimes even twice 😉

So, this look has been long awaited, but since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I couldn’t think of a better time to post it and start Damsel in Desert 2.0 with. This beautiful high-low dress by Khushboo Kaplesh is a bit heavier than it looks but the quality of the material is totally worth it. The best part about this dress is that it is reversible, which means you can just turn in inside out and wear it as a yellow dress with red underlining. But since I am such a Potterhead, the red and yellow just called out the Gryffindor in me, and I had to wear it the other way round (I swear the cape made me feel like I was about to play Quidditch or something 🙆). This dress is perfect if you a willing to be a bit daring this Valentine’s Day, but I can imagine the colours aren’t for all so make sure you check out the rest of Khushboo’s amazing designs and grab one before it’s too late (they have super-fast delivery btw!)

As for the rest of the outfit details, when I saw this dress and ordered it, I knew the only shoes I wanted to wear with were gladiators! Of course, as you already know I am more of a minimal jewellery person because I like my outfit to do all the talking, so I opted for this love belt and was good to go!

Top – Khushboo Kaplesh

Gladiators – Call it Spring

Belt – H&M

So that’s it for today lovelies, hope you liked this look, and I really hope you like the new design of the blog as well! Can’t wait for your feedback <3


Thought of the day : A little bit of change now and then is always good ✨


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