Hey guys,

I have good news to share! I have finally found a job that is everything I wanted and more! So excited about this new journey even though this is going to mean that I am going to be crazy busy now and weekends are going to be packed with blog work! Not going to complain though 🙆

So it’s been a while since I reviewed a restaurant and I couldn’t think of a better post to start with. I don’t review restaurants a lot, but I do love sharing some that I have genuinely enjoyed and Vicolo is definitely my new favourite!

Being with Leo has not only made me appreciate Italian Food but also love it! But Vicolo is not your average Italian restaurant, its Italian street food, so it’s quite different from what I am used to. Located in D3 (and like everything else in there), this place was made for Instagram! Every nook and corner is so pretty, took me 10 minutes to decide where to sit 😂

Just look at how pretty it is!

Sometimes when I visit a new restaurant, I like going on a whim and asking for suggestions and that’s what I did here too! We started off with WATERMELON PIZZA, I have never heard of anything like it before, but man was it good. It’s topped with cheese, basil and just the right amount of dressing. And IF you were wondering, it doesn’t taste as weird as you think, promise!

We ordered Mozzarelline Impanate for starters which is just your average fried cheese, but it’s served on a bed of spicy tomato sauce that makes all the difference. For the Main course, we ordered Branzino in Guazzeto which is a “melt in the mouth” sea bass dish served with roasted potatoes. The cherry tomatoes and capers add a wonderful tangy flavour to the whole dish.

For drinks we ordered Lavender and Yuzu Ginger Freeze Tea – I definitely loved the lavender but found the ginger tea a bit strong. I guess ginger will always be an acquired taste after all. A whole lot of photos, annoying the staff and food later, we decided to end the day on a sweet note with Babba which a syrup saturated sweet cake. Its sugary, sweet and topped with whipped cream & strawberries – what more do you need?

Hope you liked this little review, make sure to check out Vicolo on Instagram – @vicolodubai ! Next time you are heading to D3 for a meeting, you know where to eat 😉
Thought of the day : Eat Good, Feel Good 🍝


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