Hey guys!

Can you believe it’s October already? Where did this year disappear to honestly?  Also, I am writing today’s post on my way from Al Ain to Dubai because life has gotten busy again and this is the only time I have free 🙆

So Vincci just opened a new store in Sahara Center and I had the chance to visit the store and pick up some amazing stuff! My mom and I have gone to Vincci for years because they honestly have the best shoes at super affordable rates. So today I am sharing my current fav picks – a shoe for every occasion!

Casual Chic

Wearing this shoe as I write this post –  I LOVE IT! Apart from being super comfy, the color is absolutely stunning. It’s an upgrade on your classic white shoes, because it’s a pretty pastel blue that almost looks white, but it’s not. Plus, how cute is that bow? If you are looking for something cool yet comfy for an everyday look, THIS one is for you!


So as you guys already know, I have been slowly trying to build my formal wardrobe (as much as I HATE IT). But pretty shoes like this are actually making me think that formals aren’t so bad after all 😓

What I have learnt so far is that apart from a classic black shoe, having a beige pair is equally important. You can pair this shade with literally anything!

Pop of Color

Okay so I still need something for my weekend events, you know those “blogger” type shoes 😛 This is one of those shoes that you can just slip on but it looks like you put in a lot of effort getting dressed. It comes in 4 shades – pink, maroon, white and black! So pick one on how daring you are willing to be this season.


The last pair is my mom’s pick. A classy black lace heel for all your black tie events. See when you are building your shoe collection, it’s important to get the capsules out of the way before you go for the crazy stuff. This one is a wardrobe staple – it can be worn to work, parties, brunches, anything you want basically!

Okay so that’s it for today guys, hope you liked my picks! Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the comments below 👇 Don’t forget that you can find all these shoes and MORE at the newly opened VINCCI store at Sahara Center, Sharjah!

Thought of the day : Good shoes take you good places 👠


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