Hi lovelies,

Fun Fact: Writing this post enroute Alain to Dubai even though it makes me super nauseous, but you gotta do what you do for the blog right?

That is probably the best start to this post because today I am gonna be talking about how I manage University, my internship and blog all at once. Yup, I am basically hustling through life right now, but I love every second of it however tired it makes me.


So if you didn’t already know I am currently interning with Shedd, which is a fashion app where you can sell preloved items or brand new ones! I love the concept because c’mon, I can’t be the only one with random clothes in my closet that have never been worn, some still have tags on! (or am I?) 🙈 I wish I could describe in words what an amazing company it is and how much I am learning every single day and that leads me to my first point…

  1. Make sure you love it – It’s not going to be easy to do 10 things at a time if you don’t love every second of it. Eventually you are going to get tired and not put nearly enough efforts in it, you’ll exhaust yourself of both your creativity and love for what you do. I love my course (media), my job and my blog, that it’s my biggest motivation to get stuff done!
  1. Make a schedule – Make sure you make a list of everything you have to do, so that you can keep referring to it. I put everything in my planner and I have set timings for everything. I read for my classes on my way to Dubai, keep a couple of hours over the weekend for my assignments, shoots and family. Just remember to follow this schedule, otherwise you are eventually going to forget about one really important thing and mess everything up.


  1. Make sacrifices – I have missed many opportunities and it really bugged me in the start. I missed these things because I had assignments or had to go to work and this was probably the toughest of it all until I realized, that It’s actually okay, it’s just an event and they will come and go. Which leads us to…
  1. Prioritize – Know what is important and why and don’t let yourself get distracted by the glamour, especially when it comes to blogging. That’s why I don’t care about the things I have missed anymore because university and my assignments are my priorities.

You’ll have hundreds of event invites but just one shot at your assignments, remember that.

Photo Credits: Sarah Rahman
  1. Do more when possible – So I try to optimize time, that’s why I shoot two-three looks in one day. That way I have enough content for two weeks and I don’t have to take out time every weekend to go for shoots. This also gives me some extra time to do other work and spend time with loved ones.
  1. Make time for people that matter – I might not have a second to myself but I make sure I make time for my family, friends and my boyfriend. Because, you don’t often realize but these people are the ones that help you get through so much. They drive me around, take photos and do so much more, so don’t forget them just because you are blinded by success.

Be patient and do what you have to do because one day this will all be worth it. Hope you liked the today’s post loves and do let me know in the comments below if you would like to read more lifestyle posts like this! Keep Hustling! <3

Also, I am featuring these amazing Marquee Letters from Salla.ae in today’s post, make sure you check them out on Instagram <3
Thought of the day : The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately 💪


  • I’m starting Uni soon and this just made me excited and less anxious!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂 oh and i love the photos!

    • Hi Claudia!

      Omg thanks! Glad I could motivate you and get you less anxious about uni, it really isn’t all that bad once you get your timetable set and prioritize things 😊 Oh and thanks! My BFF is such an amazing photographer, she makes this life way easier to deal with <3
      All the best for university and more power to hustling hun! 💪


  • Prioritizing. The most difficult thing to do when we love every second of what we are doing!

    • Hi Saurab,

      Oh dear, I totally get you 🙈 It was so difficult at start, but once you get past that, you see why it was totally worth it! Also, I think it prevents us from hating it at some point because we messed everything up due to the lack or prioritizing things, doesn’t it? Anyway, thanks for stopping by and keep hustling! 💪👏


      • Yep, prioritizing needs constant work. Once you develop the discipline, things get so much easier. And yes, there are no regrets!