Hey guys!

Back with another post today! Am I the only one who doesn’t know where this week disappeared to? Events and shoots have been taking up all of my time which is sad cause I have so many other things I have been wanting to concentrate on. Number one is to finish the book I am currently reading – The sun is also a star ✨. My boyfriend bought this for me the other day, and I am completely hooked because it’s one of those books that is so beautifully written, you want to highlight every single sentence on every single page!

So moving on to today’s look. I shot this look during my stay at Grand Hyatt, which is honestly one of my favourite hotels in Dubai. Trust me I have been to quite a few, but the service and serenity of this hotel makes you feel like you are in another country on vacation.

See I wasn’t planning to shoot at Hyatt because I didn’t even know what it looked like but then I saw the place and knew I couldn’t leave without one outfit shoot here. So I mixed and matched stuff I had packed for the stay and ended up with this look. Travel packing reminds me, I am going to be traveling soon, so I am working on a travel essentials post that I am going to be sharing with you guys soon 💃!

This skirt is from Forever 21 which I got on sale for just 30 Dhs! Oh, how I love Dubai sales 🙆 The best part about long wraparound skirts is that they are honestly perfect for summer in Dubai. They high-low makes the skirt modest enough for Dubai and also perfect for the scorching hot weather. The ribbed top is from Mango, which I am not exactly too happy with because after a few washes it started to look faded. But on a happier note, I found an even better white crop top for just 25 Dhs (not on sale) which I will be linking below in the outfit details!

Photo Credits : Nazrene Gill

Top – Mango (Alternative)

Skirt – Forever 21

Heels – Call it Spring

Necklace – Stradivarius

So that’s it for today’s post, hope you liked it and stay tuned for more summer inspired posts. If there is something you’d like me to talk about comment below and let me know <3


Thought of the day : Always take the scenic route  🌅


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