Hey guys,

Happy New Year 2018! I hope you guys had a fabulous start to the year, I surely did 🙆 A new year, is also a new year with Leo as it is our anniversary, so I spend NYE with him and a couple of friends. We ended in a totally fabulous rooftop penthouse in FIVE Palm Jumeirah!

Fireworks, Lost frequencies, lots of food and lots of drinks! If you’d like to see some snippets from the night, check out my “2018 highlights” on Instagram – @damselindesert ! (Oh, I just love this feature btw haha)

2017 has been a year of great accomplishments, learnings, both good and bad. From my first international trip, to turning 21, to revamping my whole blog, to graduating as the top student of the whole of my university and lastly, my first job!

I feel like I have grown so much through the year, both professionally and as a person. Oh, and my love for Korean things has only increased if that is even possible haha.

2017 also saw some of my favourite outfits, and I wanted to put them together for a year in review!

Starting off with mine (and everyone else’s favourite) – my 21st birthday outfit. A skirt like no other which might also be the most expensive thing I own but oh how I love this brand! Check out all the outfits below and let me know your favourite in the comments below

1. Damsel in Desert wearing All things Mochi

2. Oppa Gingham Style

3. Eid Look ft. Amal Al Raisi

3. Skirt the issue ft. I Saw It First

4. Sister Series 2.0 - Guess Who

5. LE66 Collaboration - Sandy Liang Ina Tweed Dress

6. Let the sleeves do the talking - FFWD

7. Stairs and Pairs

So that’s it for today guys! Hope you guys enjoyed this little walk down memory lane and THANK YOU for all the love and support last year!

Thought of the day : Bring it on 2018 💃

Until Next time,